• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdTdwxxgo4c

    I have a couple more episodes of Origins up. More Coming soon! Enjoy the fall weather everyone!

  • Message "Angels in the Dessert"

    I gave a sermon at St.Lukes United Methodist Church on July 31, 2016. I talk about fear and wandering. I hope this helps some on their journey. 

  • Summer Update

    Hey! So This summer has been a blessed one! But that means its also been really busy. Lets Recap a couple of events.


    I traveled down to Hotsprings NC to play the annual progressive Christian Festival "Wildgoose."



    Second is Songs Against Slavery Freedom BBQ

    Me, Danny G and Bryan Moore went out to perform at the Freedom BBQ. This wonderful Non-profit Organization helps to fight against Human Trafficking. www.songsagainstslavery.org

  • Welcome

    Welcome to my Homepage. I invite you to look around and take a listen. Here you will find spiritual music that is fully inclusive, progressive, and contemporary. Please follow me on social media and check back for updates, releases, and events. Thank You!

    ALL GOD's CHILDREN is out NOW! Click the Store link to download your copy!